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Advantage of being the oldest sibling Essay

Many kids say that being the last child is the best because you get everything you want. Well not me I believe that being the oldest child has many advantages to it. As the oldest child in my family I get to have things first, I get to stay out later than my other siblings and, I can set rules that younger siblings have to follow. First, I get to have things before my younger siblings. For example the reason why I get to have everything before my younger siblings is because I am the oldest, I get to have a car before everyone and my younger siblings have to wait. I also get to pretty much experience many things before my younger siblings. I was able to experience prom, graduating high school, and getting a car. These are some of the best experiences I got to experience before my younger siblings. They all look at me and get jealous because I get to do everything first. As they would say “That is not fair!” Second, the advantages of being the oldest is I get to stay out later rather than my siblings have to come home earlier. My siblings complain all the time about this topic because I get to stay out later.

Then they complain to my parents asking them for more time out longer because they are having fun with their friends. My curfew for coming home is at 1:00 am my brother is at 10:00pm, and my younger sister is at 8:00 pm as you can see since I am the oldest I get to stay out later and I get more privileges than my brother and sister. It kind of makes me happy because I don’t have to sit there and wish I was the oldest so I can stay out later. Or wish I had a car so I can go to the mall with my friends. Lastly, I get to set rules that my siblings have to follow. I get to tell them what do when to do it and how to do it.

For example, if my brother’s room is messy I tell him that he needs to clean it also with his homework, I tell him when to do it and I help him with it. It feels great to be the oldest sibling because I get to set many rules for my brother and sister, and they have to listen to me because if not then they will get in trouble with my parents. In conclusion, I love to be the oldest sibling because I get to have things before them, I get to stay out later than my siblings, and I can set rules for my siblings to follow. My younger siblings wish that they were older so they can do the things that I can do but they cannot. I love to be the oldest child in my family for all these reasons but the best reason is being there for them when ever I can.

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