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Adsorption Essay Topics & Paper Examples

How to save the world from pollution

PART – A ( 2 Marks) 1. Define hardness of water. 2. Distinguish between carbonate hardness and noncarbonate hardness. 3. Draw the structure of EDTA. What happens when EDTA is added to hard water? 4. Define alkalinity. 5. Why is water softened before using in boiler? 6. What is meant by priming and foaming? How can they be prevented? 7. What is meant by caustic embrittlement? How is it prevented? 8. Indicate the reasons for boiler corrosion. 9. What is the role of phosphates in the internal treatment of water? 10. What is calgon conditioning? How is it functioning in water treatment? 11. Mention requisites of potable water. 12. Write briefly on disinfection of water by UV treatment. 13. Write…