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Adriatic Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Venice region

An American archeologist who studies the history of Venice suggested a multi-billion dollar floodgate to be built to save the city from rising waters knowing that science often rest on chance discovery. A 10 feet deep and more than 30 feet wide pit has been dug next to an ancient Basilica. It was below sea level and to keep it from filling with water, a pump was put in it. In that dug, a stone walk dated around second century lay. It is one of the oldest sign of human habitation in the Vatican archipelago. The lost world artifacts would let Dr. Ammerman and his colleagues to estimate the past of the city. It is also important in determining the…

Dubrovnik- Pearl of the Adriatic

On the Dalmatian coast of the Adriatic Sea, perches a city with origins that span nearly two millennia. The joining of two small towns, Dubrava and Laus, birthed the city of Dubrovnik. Dubrava was a community of Slavic immigrants, which was located at the foot of the woody Srd hill. Laus was a town on a little island off the southern Dalmatian coast. This town often gave shelter and protection to the Italian immigrants from the neighboring city of Cavtat. The origin of the city, as a joining of different worlds, was to be the harbinger for everything that would come of it. Beginning with its formation in 7th century, when it was mapped and called Ragusium, Dubrovnik fell under…