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Payroll system with Biometrics

Weather forecasting is Prediction of the weather through application of the principles of physics and meteorology. Weather forecasting predicts atmospheric phenomena and changes on the Earth’s surface caused by atmospheric conditions (typhoons, floods, giant waves, and high seas). The City of Olongapo (Tagalog: Lungsod ng Olongapo; Sambal: Syodadnin Olongapo) is an independent highly urbanized city located in the province of Zambales, Philippines. According to the latest census, it has a population of 258,817 people in 57,515 households. Along with the town of Subic, it comprises the Metro Olongapo, one of the twelve metropolitan areas in the Philippines. The Online Geographical Live Forecasting System of Olongapo City is to provide protection of life and property against natural hazards due to typhoons,…