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Administrative law Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Foreign Intervention

Developing nations are usually countries that lack stability, whether politically or financially. Intervention in such nations may prove to be helpful in such cases, as it may ensure an increased stability within the country. This is much needed in developing nations, as stability is key to economic prosperity. However, intervention in the internal affairs of another nation may undermine the country’s sovereignty, rendering foreign intervention undesirable, as it does more harm than good from the standpoint of the developing nation. Foreign intervention in the form of humanitarian aid does more good than harm, as it hastens the restoration of infrastructure and provides the citizens with the necessities to tide over difficult times. Natural disasters cause substantial damage to a country,…

Philippine Code of Ethics For Radiologic Technologists

Article I: RELATION WITH THE STATE AND SOCIETY Section 1. Radiologic technologists and X-ray technologists should be aware of the supreme authority of the state and should adhere tothe Constitution, R.A. No. 7431 and other laws, the rules and regulations promulgated pursuant to such laws. Section 2. They should, above all, consider the welfare and well-being of the public and the interest of the state. Section 3. They are encouraged to involve themselves in civic affairs and cooperate with other organizations to promote the growth and welfare of the community. Article II: RELATION WITH PATIENTS/CLIENTS Section 1. Patients/clients are the focus in the practice of Radiologic Technology and X-Ray Technology. Hence, Radiologic Technologistsand X-Ray Technologists must at all times act…

Filipino Seafarers

MAGNA CARTA FOR FILIPINO SEAFARERS INTRODUCTION One of the most expected outputs of the Filipino Seafarers National Convention (FSNC) is to draft a Magna Carta for Filipino Seafarers to consolidate the seemingly disordered laws relevant to seafarers as well as to enhance the rights, benefits and privileges accorded to Filipino seafarers. In view of that objective, a drafting sub-committee was established from among the members of the National Organization Committee whose primary function is to draft a Magna Carta. It is composed of 18 government and non-government organizations, which were broken down into three working groups. Working Group I discuss the topic on excellence and competitiveness of Filipino seafarers, Working Group II discuss their rights and protection, while working Group…