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Adhesives Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Styrofoam as glue

As of today, Styrofoam is banned on so many cities and countries. Styrofoam is polystyrene which is plastic, and plastics have a long time to decompose. Because of the careless way of disposing of Styrofoam, hundreds of kilograms of Styrofoam is littered everywhere. Although, the banning of Styrofoam decreased this amount, Styrofoam is still dangerous to the environment because of the chemicals that it may release. Styrofoam is abundant and many started to recycle and reuse it. One of the ideas that came into mind was Glue from Styrofoam. Styrofoam when melted has very strong adhesive properties that can rival several commercial glue products. B. Statement of the Problem Will the Glue from Styrofoam be as effective as commercial glue?…