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Active Directory database

Dover Leasing currently has information about all users stored in a database application used by the Human Resources Department. The IT manager has asked you to explore some ways this information could be used to create user accounts and populate the Active Directory database. Which tools could be used, and what are some issues involved in using these activates? Information about all users has been stored in a database application. On the basis of the available information from the Human Resource Department’s database, user accounts have to be created. The main tool for creating and proper managing the user accounts is Active Directory Users and Computers. There are few issues and concerns involved in this specific activity with this tool…

Gantt chart

The phenomena of calendar effects in stock markets seem to be a center of curiosity for many researchers across the world. Following many studies about the significance of calendar anomalies, testing the presence of Monday effect and January effect appears to be an area of interest. The aim of this study is to discuss about calendar anomalies and its significance. It should be noted that the study will focus mainly on Monday effect and January effect on the stock returns of companies listed on SEM-7. The research proposal will consist mainly of the literature review part and the methodology part. 2.LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1DEFINITON OF BASIC CONCEPTS Calendar anomalies are effects which include apparently different behavior of stock markets on different…