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Actions Speak Louder Than Words Essay

It’s a very widespread statemant. I`ve heard it many times . To be quite honest at first I didn`t understand the meaning of it . I should say that it’s a common characteristic feature . And we meet such people in everyday life . We may meet such people at work and even among friends . I had such experience in my life . He was my co- worker who promised to help me with my report . So we sapurated the job . When the day came I found out that nothing was done by him . I was very upset because was pressed for work.

I had to finish the report in a very short period which seemed to unreal. I really thought that the writing was on the wall . At the same time my another co- worker rang me up one evening and told me that he had done something for me . After that , when we met I saw in his hands the complete report . Unexpectidly the report was done greatly and on time . In contrast this I have friend who likes to promise , to say big things but he dosen`t realise them. Meanwhile he is a very funny person due to his caracter.

I like to spend my free time with him becase he always told so loughy stories that he done or will done something in the future but I and all my friends know that it is only sayings . They never will became real. Its more easy to utter words instead of doing something . Words can be forgotten but actions will be more visible. Such characteristic features make people unreliable , untrustfull, unsupprtive . However I don’t avoid them in my everyday life because they can even be very funny friends . To be more serious I prefer not to cooperate with them in the future.

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