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Acknowledgement: Project Management Essay

Project Team would like to express deepest gratitude to the following people who in one way or another contributed, helped, and supported them for the successful development of their project which is Software Development Plan.

To Almighty GOD, for giving the Project Team the knowledge and wisdom to make the development of this Software Development Plan successful, and for giving the strength and blessing in order to overcome all the struggles and problems that the project team encountered while doing this project.

To the Project Team’s Family, for giving financial and moral support and the love that makes the team work hard to finish the project.

To Mr. Christian D. Jamisola, for giving the guidance and support to the project team in developing this Software Development Plan.

To Ms. Edelvita Marie D. Anonat, the project team content editor, for checking and correcting the grammer lapses of the SDP documents.

To all friends and classmates, for their inspiration, never-ending encouragement and for being there in times of needs.


Creating the Software Development Plan will serve as the team guide in developing the Capstone Project, “Web-Based The Lewis College Alumni Information System”. It indicates the process model, allocation of resources and other important matters of the system such as schedules, organizations, and constraints.

This Software Development Plan is a plan to prepare and to guide the developers of the capstone project for the next school year as partial requirement of their course in Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT).

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