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Acknowledgement Paper Essay

First of all, we would like to thank our Almighty God for giving us the determination to complete this project and to improve ourselves in a situation that we never imagined that the developer can surpassed. The courage to make this work done with the strength, time and efforts that the proponents have.

Second, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to Ms. Liz Manalansan, manager of Avon Muntinlupa. To Mr. Jandy and all staffs of the said company for giving enough information. In regard with this we would like to thank also Prof. Nino Del Monte, thesis adviser, for the continuous support, patience and motivation, and for unselfishly sharing his expertise from the initial to the final level of this academic endeavor, to the panelist for their encouragement , insightful comments, and intellectual guidance.

To all my friends in PLMun and specially our section BSCS 4B for not letting anyone lose hope and giving each of us determination and encouragement. With all efforts, time, and the knowledge the proponents put into, this just prove that “Everything is possible. Just believe”. To God Be the Glory!

Essay Topics:

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