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Acid and bases on tensile strength of fibre Essay

“Acid & Bases on Tensile Strength of Strength of Fibres” being submitted to is an original piece of work done by me and has not been published or submitted elsewhere for any other degree in full or in part. (Signature)Project Report on Effects of Acids & Bases on the Tensile Strength of FibresObjectives”Project Report Effects of Acids & Bases on the Tensile Strength of Fibres”The aim and objective of this project is to(i) Compare the tensile strength of given samples of nylon and cotton fibres.(ii) To investigate the Effect of Acids and Alkalies on the tensile strength of these fibres.IntroductionDepending upon the sources, the various types of fibres can be classified into the following three main categories :(i) Animal fibres e.g. Wool & Silk. (ii) Vegetable Fibres e.g. Cotton & Linen. (iii) Synthetic Fibres e.g. Nylon & Polyester.

Besides their chemical composition and properties, most important property of these fibres is their tensile strength. Tensile strength mean the extent to which a fibre can be stretched without breaking and it is measured in terms of minimum weight required to break the fibre. To determine the tensile strength of any fibre, it is tied to a hook at one end and weighted are slowly added to the other end until the fibre break.

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