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Achieving Excellence through Unity Essay

“One is said to be the loneliest number of all. ” It sounds cheesy but it does make sense. This passage though sounds good, seems different on how others understand . One in this passage, refers to the number, the volume, the physical being. One can signify being alone, solitude and seclusion, but if we would come to think of the other parallel of ONE, we might come up to these ideas : one means UNITY , one means TRIUMPH , one means TOP and one means EXCELLENCE. Our distinguished members of the board of judges, esteemed members of the academe, my fellow orators, beloved parents and friends, every day we face many moments of truth, daily choices that present us opportunities for excellent performance . But let me ask you two things, first, “Do we really have the presence of excellence in our lives? “

Well, allow me to give you some points . We Filipinos are well – known for being talented an enthusiast yet, we cannot escape from the fact that we are almost at the edge of the abyss of stagnation. The poverty , the never ending conflict in Mindanao , the immortality , high rate of criminality and the continuous declining quality of our education in the past twenty years, is this what we call excellence?

And here’s my next question, “Are we really helping others to gain excellence by cultivating their talents ?” We merely answer, yes, because we think that we are excellent if we have the talents , the guts, and the confidence to execute things through enhancing others’ talents, we are helping them to become excellent ones . But we are wrong ! For excellence is not about the talent alone, in fact , the major of it has nothing to do with the talent . I t is a desire to share knowledge and to build a perfect vision of competence to cope with promising future.

But sometimes we failed ; we failed to teach one another the competence we need. We are untrained in excellence which makes a man passionately desire to be a perfect citizen , who knows how to rule and to obey with justice and wisdom. Now , whom can we blame ? To whom will we point our fingers ? – TO NO ONE – but to ourselves. Yes , we are . Ask me why? It is because we are part of each other’s life. Remember, if someone was about to slip , someone else could catch him. But the question is, ” Do we exert some effort?” Mesdames and Sir , please ask yourselves : How can ONE makes our lives?”

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