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Acetone – Background of the Study Essay

Familiar household uses of acetone are as the active ingredient in nail polish removers and as paint thinner. Acetone can also be used for medical and cosmetic uses, such as applying acetone with alcohol for acne treatments to peel dry skin. It can also remove residues from glass and porcelain and it can also remove super glue from the skin. Perhaps, acetone is very useful in our everyday lives. Acetone is also known to remove ball pen marks on fabrics and clothings. It has ethyl acetate that is said to remove ball pen stains. Most people accidentally rubs ball pen marks on their clothing on a daily basis. The study was done to find out if acetone is more effective and easier to remove ball pen marks on clothings or fabrics than normal laundry detergent.

Statement of the Problem

The study aims to answer the following questions:
1. What is a more effective and easier way in removing ball pen stains on fabrics?
2. Is acetone effective in removing ball pen marks?


If the ball pen mark is removed and the clothing is cleaner and whiter using acetone then acetone is more effective and easier way to remove ball pen marks on the clothing.

Significance of the Study

The study was done to find out if acetone is effective in removing ball pen marks. The study will help mostly students and working adults and everyone who uses ball pen. They will benefit because most of the users have their ball pens blotting on a daily basis.

Scope and Limitations

The amount of bleach and acetone used is 20 ml. The ball pen mark is of the same size. Even the cloths are of the same type. This means that the study is limited to these amounts only. This study is limited to testing which among bleach or acetone can remove a simple ball pen mark effectively.

Review of Related Literature

According to, Ethyl Acetate is the solvent present in acetone that can remove the ball pen marks. It is also stated that ethyl acetate is also present in some hairsprays, alcohol, etc.


The researchers recommend repeating the testing using different cloths and different amounts of bleach and acetone to test other possibilities. It is also suggested that the researchers use warm water for washing the cloths.


Removing ball pen marks-

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