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Accounting Information Systems Simulation Paper Essay

Internal controls are all measures taken by an organization for the purposes of protecting its resources against waste, fraud, or inefficient use; ensuring the reliability of accounting data; securing compliance with management policies; and evaluating the performance of all employees, managers and departments within the organization. The accounting system depends upon internal control procedures to ensure the reliability of accounting data. Many internal control procedures on the other hand make use of accounting data in keeping track of assets and monitoring the performance of departments. Internal control is looked upon more and more as a solution to a variety of potential problems. The effectiveness and efficiency of operations as a technique relates to performance and profitability goals and safeguarding of resources.

The Accounting Information System Simulation made me realize that there is an advantage having one person control multiple activities. The disadvantage of having the same person performing multiple activities is having in a process increases if one person has the opportunity to control more then one step of the process. This risk is even more if the person controls consecutive steps because there is no intermediary to check that the steps are not manipulated for personal gains. The separation of duties activity aims to minimize risk by separating the steps of a process in such a way that different person are recording transactions, authorizing them and maintaining custody of assets.

The line draws when it comes down to what I thin is right for a company. The simulation solution was that access cards were the best solution. In the stimulation I chose to have the hand clock in machine. Having employees clocking in through the hand machine may be degrading to employees, but at the same time make sure that employees do not have other employees clocking in for them. Some of those hand clocks in machines have little cameras that take a picture every time an employee clocks in or out.

Prioritization will affect Ramos International expected loss over the year if the right decision is not made. In the stimulation the effects that I chose were good but not right. The order should follow as secure cash, building, and computer network which will result in the least loss over the year.


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