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Accomplishment Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Significant accomplishment

The initiative in creating change has always been an integral aspect of man. Equipped with their relative skills and competencies, they engage in various efforts to create opportunities that will improve their capabilities and cater to the service of individuals. Amidst the trials and difficulties in the process, hard work and determination remains to be a vital factor in attaining their desired objectives and purpose in life. At the heart of this is the innovation that drives the creativity which I feel is crucial to the success or attainment of every accomplishment. It is this mindset which has allowed me to achieve my most significant accomplishment to date which is my success in the fashion design industry. While it was…

Bush’s Accomplishment and Failure

George W. Bush was elected 5 years ago in one of the most controversial elections in the history of the United States. He was not a popular president at that time and allegations of massive cheating followed his ascension to the White House. Due to his various fiascos while seated in the most powerful office on the planet, one may say that his biggest accomplishment as the most powerful leader of the free world is being the biggest failure as a president in the history of this country. His administration became highly unpopular due to the fact that they were cutting and reducing more benefits meant for the people rather than developing new or increasing the existing benefits. He could…