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Academy Award for Best Actor Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Creative Piece for as Level English Literature Coursework Comparing Two Film Adaptations of ‘Hamlet’

Kenneth Branagh takes Hamlet from play to screen in an intense, full-length adaptation and he got it right! Gregory Doran also takes a whack at bringing Hamlet from the stage to the screen but with a more modern-day interpretation. Branagh restores Hamlet’s greatest scenes and brings out the most in Shakespeare’s awe-inspiring revenge-tragedy plot; in both performance and direction, Branagh displays energy and cogency. The language has the upmost clarity and makes the film feel accessible and comprehensible for a range of viewers. Branagh’s pragmatic approach, which includes short illustrative ‘flashbacks’, work as a perfectly credible cinematic device that helps the audience to understand the complex scenarios. Branagh tends to rant on and shout throughout the film, especially in his…

Case Study Big Skinny

Online Marketing at Big Skinny The case study is about a wallet company name Big Skinny. One day the Big Skinny CEO, Kiril Alexandrov bicycled his way to work and his phone rang constantly. His marketing director and wife, Catherine Alexandrov had called and said that they had sold 4,000 wallets. The problem was that the online store had glitches and most of these wallets were given away for free. A few weeks earlier the two were promoting their wallets at the Harvard street fair and were successfully selling wallets. The street fair sales had made Kiril think of what the next step in expanding his brand would be. He decided to create an online store to further increase his…