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Academic Honors and Extracurricular Achievements Essay

I have always prided myself as being hard working, responsible, and committed to every endeavor I pursue. Over the past four years I have made the honor roll at my high school (by maintaining a GPA of 92 or higher). In my junior year, I was invited to participate in the National Student Leadership Conference, was inducted into the Asterean Chapter of the National Honors Society, and inducted into the Business and Marketing Honors Society of New York State. I have also been given the 3R’s Award, presented to me by my high school, for recognition of “Outstanding Reason, Respect and Responsibility.”

I am an active member of student government, as well as an officer for several clubs and extracurricular activities. Since my freshman year, I have been a cheerleader at my high school. I have participated in both Sports Night and Pep Rally Night Dance teams, of which I was captain. Being a dancer for 11 years, it was gratifying to know that I had been given the opportunity in my school environment to share this passion with my peers.

My involvement in the Italian club has had the most meaning for me. I am passionate about this language, which I have been studying for the past two years. I have been an elected officer of the club since my sophomore year. Through my roles as treasurer in grade ten and secretary in grade eleven, I have developed leadership skills and have greatly enhanced my public speaking abilities. I am currently president of the club and meet with my advisor several times a week prior to meetings to discuss future agendas.

I have organized cultural parties, compiled a cookbook with recipes for traditional Italian meals, coordinated fundraisers, and helped my advisor plan our school’s exchange program to Italy this past February. Last year I organized the club’s fundraiser for Italian-American firefighters who were injured in 9/11 and I also made arrangements with my advisor to visit a local Senior Center. At the center, we sang songs with the senior citizens and brought our favorite Italian dishes to share with them. I am also very interested in government.

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