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Academic degree Essay

A person is educated if they constantly strive to attain knowledge while simultaneously recognizing that they know very little about the world around you. As a result, I am currently educating myself now, because it is my desire to pursue knowledge and understanding of life. Determining a person’s education is vital to understanding the nature of education. First of all, education is the pursuit of knowledge, not a goal that can be reached after a set number of years of doctoral study.

Consequently, a person, no matter how much they know, can never stop learning because they have already attained “education.” Instead, people are educated when they wholeheartedly devote their lives to understanding what they do not comprehend. As a result, I, a person with a strong will to understand, am more educated than those who work within the same profession regardless of the number of degrees they may posses. People truly become educated when they truly dedicate themselves to the pursuit of knowledge.

Clearly, education is a constant pursuit, and the educated person devotes his entire life to this quest for knowledge. Thus, I know that I am educated as long as I never give up attempting to understand the world around me. However, inseparable from this definition of an educated person, is the realization that no people, at least during my lifetime, can claim that they possess all knowledge and that their knowledge is irrefutable. Thus, the educated person is committed to the pursuit of knowledge, has a mind open to new theory, and never subordinates the truth to an authority’s dictate.

Personally, I know I am educated as long as I remain determined to understanding the world and to maintaining an open mind. Of course, this goal of remaining educated will lead me to new heights in the future as I continue my education throughout my doctoral program. I must remain committed to learning my entire life and to making new discoveries. Education cannot be measured by the number of degrees a person has earned. Instead, education is a mind set that must last a person’s entire life.

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