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Academic Degree and Di Pg Essay

< 20 Yrs 21-30 Yrs 31-40 Yrs 41-50 Yrs > 51 Yrs TOTAL NO. 0 10 16 12 0 38 % 0 26 42 32 0 100 (Di Pg. 19) Table 13 (b): In your opinions why does this happened? Please give your suggestions how to control or minimize the misuse of internet in office. Suggestion No. % IT Section Has To Lock Up Unrelated Job Website Such As Social Network. 1 2. 5 The Management Should Monitor The Using Of Internet. 2 6 Each Employee Must Have Awareness And Commitment To Their Work And Assume That Directed The Work Is More Important. 1 2. 5.

Educate About Accountability. 1 2. 5 Awareness Programs About The Using Of Internet Wisely. 1 2. 5 Put Up Security Measures Such As Firewall & Proxy To Limit Access To Certain Networks. 1 2. 5 For Personel User Such As Buying Air Ticket Online & Banking Can Do So Via Broadband. 1 2. 5 Employees Need To Follow The Organization’s Policy On The Internet Usage During Office Hour. 1 2. 5 Administrator Should Detect The Website That The Staff Was Surfing During Office Hour. 2 6 Give Acknowledgement For Those Using Internet For Knowledge Purpose.

1 2. 5 No Comment (Not Given) 26 68 TOTAL 38 100 (Di Pg. 22) 2. Chart & Perkataan & % Mau Diubah Ko copy ini Bar Chart Ganti Yang sebelum ini yang salah % bukan 24% tapi 21% ok. When asked about respondents’ education level, it was found that the majorities of respondents’ education level with SPM/STPM represent 60% of the total respondents, followed by 21% were Diploma. While Bachelor Degree represent 14% and only 5% of them were Master Degree. The breakdown of education level is shown in Figure 2. (Di Pg. 5).

Regarding the open-ended questionnaire in the section C (opinion and suggestion) on suggestion how to control or minimize the misuse of internet in office, most of the respondents which represented by 68% did not given their respond. Only a few have given their suggestion or feedback which represented by 32%. ( Di Pg. 9) 3. Alignment Mau Diubah 1. 0INTRODUCTION 1. 1BACKGROUND (Di Pg. 1) – Ko Kasi sama rata saja ok 1. 5METHODS 1. 5. 1 Data Collection Methods (Di Pg. 3) – Sama juga, Ko kasi sama rata saja ok 2. 0 FINDINGS 2. 1. ANALYSIS OF FINDING (Di Pg. 4) – Sama juga, Ko kasi sama rata saja ok Terima kasih.

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