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Abu Dhabi Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Abu Dhabi Police

The focal point of this paper is to develop a plan that would be successfully implementing an organizational change management system within Abu Dhabi Police department in order to increase its efficiency, development and achieving future objectives. It should be stated that at the moment there are several problems related to the issue and it is needed to overcome those in order to gain more mileage in the long run. The main aspect of this problem lies in the traditional form of police and investigation procedures that are taken into account and executed with comparatively lesser efficiency. This could also be sated that the functionality of the Abu Dhabi police department is more ancient in approach and there is an…

Abu Dhabi to Dubai

Fundamentals of road safety have been in the public domain since man started using roads for transport. Traffic accidents have a tremendous effect on the lives of individuals as well as the overall cost of road maintenance and repair in the economy. These losses call for a concerted effort to increase road safety campaigns so as to reduce the number of lives lost in road carnage. Buckle up! Is a call for everyone who wishes to avoid the consequences of neglecting road safety measures. Buckle up! That is what we are always told every time we are flagged down by the police. The know-it-all attitude and our self conscious attitude has never allowed us to fully realize that buckling up…

Jet Etihad Deal Analysis

Jet-Etihad deal On April 24 Jet Airways and Etihad signed the strategic alliance. The Etihad agrees to buy a 24% stake in the Jet for about Rs 2,060 crore. It is the biggest deal in Indian aviation sector. On May 24, Jet shareholders approved the stake sale. The airline deferred its resolution to amend the company‚Äôs articles of association. However the deal is facing hurdles with share holders and even Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) and Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) of India raising concerns over “substantial rights” being accorded to Etihad Airways. The FIPB has deferred granting sanction to the proposal until the issues regarding control are addressed. The Jet Airways-Etihad share holder agreement is likely to…