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Abraham Conclusion Essay

While writing the whole play for my group, and doing research, I learned a lot of things about Abraham. God helped Abraham a lot, first with the blessing, then Lot, and even for the birth of Isaac. Most of the time when something bad happens, Abraham doubted God. God never zapped him, or kill him, He was patient. At the end, Abraham could not help Isaac find a wife himself for he is weak and old, he trusted that God will help him like the way God helped him before. I think faith means to trust God completely, 100%. True faith is shown, when you yourself could not help anymore, only God could. And you trust unto Him a very hard job, being sure that He will be able to do it.

This happened when Abraham was too old to go look for a wife for Isaac, he had faith that God will find one for him, and God did. What I learned about God while reading about Abraham is that God is very patient. Every time Abraham questions or doubts him, he doesn’t get angry. I also learned that God is faithful and true to his word. Every single promise God made came true, though not the way some people expected it. Last of all, I learned that God is omniscience. Though Sarah is very old and beyond the age of child bearing, God was able to make her have her son, the son that was the one to take the true blessing, Isaac.

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