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About being a Police Officer Essay

If you are interested in becoming a police officer, you must be aware of how tough it is to get the job. You have to go through hard mental and physical screening and training, and for good reason. Police work is a noble career, but it can also be a difficult life. I choose this topic because I know much about it already but I want to learn more because I might end up being in Law Enforcement. Being a Police Officer is not as hard as it looks you having to be fit. To become a police officer, you must pass a fitness test, and you will be required to accomplish various fitness challenges at the police academy. It’s not all action all the time. You will need to write reports of what happened, and those reports must be accurate and detailed because they can be used as evidence in court.

Crime won’t stop when you’re off duty. You may be called upon to assist with a situation at any time. However, these extra hours often come with overtime pay. The community’s safety is in your hands, and your work will not always be respected. You have to be able to tolerate people not trusting you because of the actions of other police officers, and you may find yourself rebuilding trust on a regular basis. Not only will you work on a daily basis with your partner, but you must also represent the police to the community. Your every action will be under scrutiny, either by your supervisor, your peers or the public at large. This is what I know before I start learning more about being a Police Officer.

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