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Abolitionist Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Frederick Douglass And The Abolitionist Movement

Frederick Douglass spoke to Washington, DC in 1876: “We must either have all the rights of American citizens, or we must be exterminated, for we can never again be slaves…” (Foner, 1969, p. 320, as cited in Ballard, 2004, p. 53). This statement concretizes the inhumanity of slavery; its only equal is death. Douglass was born as a slave in Talbot County, Maryland. It was 1818 and slavery already existed for two hundred years in the United States (U. S. ). It took Douglass twenty years, before he escaped slavery. Before his escape, Douglass surreptitiously learned to read and write, and he soon rose as one of the most eloquent orators of the abolitionists. Using speech premeditated to distress, educate,…