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Abnormal behavior Essay

There are many factors that affect and produce abnormal behavior. Its aspects vary largely depending different factors. Abnormal behavior has many varying classifications. According to theĀ  DSM-IV, there are 5 types of Axis that classify abnormal behavior. Out of these five, there is much importance on the effect of situational factors that can range from simple or grave in nature, nonetheless, situational factors provide a huge effect on abnormal behavior.

The DSM-IV provides categorical classification that segregates mental disorders into different kinds or types from a basis of sets of criteria that possess defining features. The five types are the following: Axis I – Clinical Syndrome, Axis II – Personality Disorder and Mental Retardation, Axis III – Physical Disorder, Axis IV – Psycho-social stressors and Environmental Problems, and lastly, Axis V – Global Assessment of Functioning (GAF).

Abnormal behavior represents different effects. The causes and stimulants for this abnormal behavior may vary very uniquely. But every abnormal behavior condition can be consequences of genetic predisposition, developmental factors that influence, patterns learned due to response from situations, impact of acute or chronic life experiences, defective assumptions, and adaptation to situations. Excluding the genetic predisposition, abnormal behavior largely revolve around factors of different situations that may have started or aggravated the said abnormal behavior.

The once normal behavior of people can change due to a very life-changing situation. Examples of these are traumatic events or major disasters that occurred in one’s life. Such disorders or abnormality may greatly have been caused by these kinds of situations which resulted to the change of the normal behavior into abnormal.

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