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Abbey Theatre Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Riders to the Sea

HUMANICUS issue 8 / 2013 Naturalist Aesthetics in John Millington Synge’s Riders to the Sea and The Playboy of the Western World Gabriel Sunday Bamgbose Abstract: Efforts have always been made by literary scholars and critics to read the aesthetics of John Millington Synge‟s drama. However, little attention has been paid to the naturalistic dimension of Synge‟s plays. This study, therefore, investigates the naturalist aesthetics in Synge‟s dramaturgy. This is in an attempt to show that individuals‟ attitudes in certain contexts are conditioned by the forces of the environment they inhabit. The study adopts the naturalist dramatic theory in order to account for the intricate connection between human beings and nature. Also the study engages aspects of Freudian psychoanalysis to…