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Abbeville Essay Topics & Paper Examples

What is the significance of setting described in chapter 1 of ‘Birdsong’?

What is the significance of the setting described in chapter 1 of ‘Birdsong’? In the first chapter of ‘Birdsong’, Faulks uses setting particularly to foreshadow coming events, and in some way, prepare the reader for the story about to evolve, be it the love affair between Stephen and Isabelle, or the conflict of world war one. At the beginning of this chapter, we are confronted with a sense of normalcy, the ‘wagons’, ‘tanneries’ and ‘mills’ demonstrate the quiet, undisturbed life of those living in Amiens. However, these simplistic images are contrasted with the evident affluence of some of the residents, ‘substantial gardens’, highlights the grandeur of the setting. The repetition of ‘substantial’ used to describe both the gardens and the…