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Aalto: Famous Building Facility in Germany Essay

Aalto-Hochhaus is a 22-floor high-rise apartment building in Bremen, Germany, designed by Alvar Aalto. It is approximately 60 meters tall and was completed in 1962. Finlandia Hall is a concert hall with a congress wing in Helsinki, Finland. The work began in 1967 and was completed in 1971.Alvar Aalto was commissioned by the city of Helsinki to design a concert and congress building, the first constructed part of a great central city plan.

Aalto University aims to create a new science and arts community by bringing together three existing universities of technology, economics and art. Baker House was the first MIT dormitory on West Campus and the first with a dining hall. It is a Dorm. Known as Cross of the Plain, the Lakeuden Risti Church is at the heart of Alvar Aalto’s famous town center in Seinajoki, Finland Seinijoki –

Aalto Theatre Opera House It was opened on 25 September 1988. The building is mainly used for opera and ballet performances; it also serves for concerts and gala events Villa Mairea is a villa, guest-house, and rural retreat designed. They told Aalto that he should regard it as ‘an experimental house Riola parish church is a synthesis of the Aalto’s reasons in the field of religious architecture.

It was conceived as the request of Cardinal Giacomo Lercaro of a church, the first,. it was architecturally complying with the ‘Reformed’ Roman Catholic. KUNSTEN Museum of Modern Art Aalborg was built between 1968-72.the building has been designed in response to its natural context, with a ziggurat shape. It extends over 6,000 square metres, with galleries organised around a central hall.

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