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A View from a Bridge Essay

I feel sorry for Eddie Carbone to a certain extent in A View from the Bridge because what he does is to protect his niece Catherine but in some parts of the play he deserves it. I feel sorry for Eddie Carbone because what he does is to protect his niece. Eddie has taken care of Catherine and he tries to hide her away from the outside world, he doesn’t want her to grow up. At the start of the play Eddie’s character is portrayed as a kind but quite over protective of Catherine, you see Eddie as a caring father-figure to Catherine so you assume he loves her as his own daughter.

You can tell by the way he talks to her and how interested he is when she speaks. At the point where Catherine tells Eddie that she has got a job he becomes very concerned because he thinks she can do better but she will also attract a lot of men’s attention where she will work. I feel sorry for Eddie at this point in the play because he finds it hard to admit that Catherine is growing up, “I guess I just never figured… that you would ever grow up.

” Later on in the play when the cousins arrive Catherine is taking too much interest in Rodolpho, you see that Eddie is getting jealous. However, I do not feel sorry for Eddie because what he does he deserves it. Eddie is very over protective of Catherine which means that he doesn’t like it when she attracts men especially after she has got a job near the docks. When the cousins arrive Catherine is interested in Rodolpho this annoys Eddie because he is trying to keep her away from.

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