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A Tale of Four Learners Summary Essay

Bernice McCarthys’ essay, “A Tale of Four Learners,” is about her classifications of the different types of learners based on the system she created, THE 4MAT. The four types of learners are: Type 1 learners, Type 2 learners, Type 3 learners, and Type 4 learners. The names of the people she uses in the essay are Lisa, Marcus, Jimmy, and Leah.

Linda was a highly imaginative student who favored feelings and reflecting. She was a Type 1 learner, who struggled with math but was great at writing poetry, until a college professor connected her poetry to statistics. Type 1 learners prefer to learn by talking, listening, and watching then responding. Type 1 learners work well in groups or teams, but dislike confusion and conflict. They experience difficulty in long explanations, and memorizing large amounts of information.

Marcus was the analytic student who favored reflecting and thinking. Marcus was a Type 2 learner who found school as an absolute joy. Type 2 learners prefer to learn through lectures and objective explanations, and unlike Type 1 learners, Type 2 learners prefer to work alone. They are highly organized and experience difficulty learning in noisy, high-activity environments, and as well in talking about their feelings.

Jimmy was a common-sense learner who favored thinking and doing. As a Type 3 Learner Jimmy was a great problem solver and was drawn to how things work. Type 3 learners prefer to learn through step-by-step procedures and experimentation. They experience difficulty when reading is the primary means of learning, and they too have difficulty expressing their feelings.

Leah was a dynamic learner who favored creating and acting. Leah, as a Type 4 learner sustains learning by trial and error. They prefer learning through self-discovery, creative solutions to problems, and working independently. Type 4 learners experience difficulty with unquestionable routines, visual complexity, and time management.

In conclusion, all the different types of learners have their own way of making learning easier for their own well-being. They all have their own struggles, and should not be frowned upon because of that but should be encouraged so they can grow.

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