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A Star with No Faults Essay

From chart-topping novels to witty brotherly videos, John Green is not your ordinary writer. With five novels in seven years, the New York Times bestselling author has acquired numerous awards, along with being a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize twice. John authored Looking for Alaska, An Abundance of Katherines, Paper Towns, The Fault in Our Stars, and co-wrote Will Grayson, Will Grayson with David Levithan. Although Green’s young adult novels focus on serious subjects such as cancer, suicide, isolation, and self-discovery, they are often full of humor, word problems, math puzzles, and eccentric facts. But cutting through the reflexive dark wit of highly intelligent teenagers, there is a soulfulness and a searching that belies the books’ laidback first-person voice and attests abundantly true to the time of life they catalog.

The path of reading a John Green novel will include the following: ruptures of laughter, outpourings of tears, and goose-bump-inflicting surges of realization. Aside from John’s literature career, he and his brother, Hank, created the Vlogbrothers, an entertaining online video series on Youtube, in which sarcastic opinions, so-lame-they-are-cool jokes, and scholastic topics are in reoccurrence. The Green brothers hold a fan base of over 100 million “Nerdfighters” worldwide and use their gargantuan popularity to raise money for charities in the Project for Awesome. If you are the kind of individual who enjoys insightful literature and clever commentary, then both John Green’s novels and online videos are worth your attention.

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