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A Profile of Me Essay

My name is Anton Polovets. I’m 22. I was born in the Rechitsa city, which is situated not far from Gomel where I live till nowadays. I studied at the school №4. I entered the International University “MITSO” after school. I get a lot of new knowledge at the University. I understood the meaning of importance of high education here. Except knowledge I met a lot of interesting people here not only among students. After a few years in the University I got qualification of manager-economist. While getting education I start to work as a sales manager in auto parts shop in Rechitsa. Now I try to do all my best on my work, because I understand that it is very important for me now, not only because of profit but it is a good life experience. But I must say that I satisfied with my profit.

Despite lack of free time I have some hobbies. I like to travel, I like to play guitar. I took part in some euro trips which were offered by our University. Every trip was exciting for me. New landscapes, new cultures, new people, I was impressed. I took a lot of photos. Another hobby is guitar. It is my passion. I take guitar lessons some times a week. I like how guitar sounds I like to touch guitar strings, I like to make music, while I make guitar to sound. As Bon Jovi said “All I have is my guitar, these cords and the truth”. To finish I’d like to say that I have some main aims in my life and I do all my best to reach it.

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