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A problem related to GSU graduation ceremony Essay

Graduates’ names will no longer be individually called- the graduates during the commencement ceremony will be recognized according to their respective college and degree. Names will no longer be called individually. While this seems a major deviation from the traditional ceremony where graduates will be called one by one, it also aims for efficiency because of the increasing student population.

Two graduation ceremonies each year- there will be two commencements namely the spring and winter commencements after fall semester and spring semester.

There is no more summer commencement ceremony. The students who finish school after the summer class have to wait next semester for them to be able to attend the graduation ceremony. Students will have to wait for the next graduation semester which makes life difficult for them. They will not be able to find a job immediately after graduation for they have to wait until they were able to march on the graduation ceremony.

Source: http://www. gsu. edu/es/graduation. html

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