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A Good Teacher Essay

Education is one of the most important parts of our life. Therefore all teachers should try to be a “good teacher”. The teacher is to help your personality and learning. First, a good teacher is not boring. A good teacher must have “knowledge” of his/her subject matter. A good teacher should know how to explain the content in easier way that he is teaching. Being a good teacher is to understand the student. In addition, a good teacher should be able to understand that it is important to teach in simple steps so that all students in the class can understand the lesson.

The “good teacher” works with students. A friend of mine told me her math teacher tolerates only students who are good at mathematics or those who have special interest in the subject. Towards the rest of the class my friend says she’s very exacting. She gives homework and tests without bothering to ask about difficulties. She doesn’t try to explain it and as a result many students keep getting bad marks. I family believe teacher shouldn’t forget that all students no matter of their color, race or gender have equal ability to study.

Different students have different learning system. Some can learn things easily while others need to spend more time over a given task. That’s why it is advisable for a teacher to know his students individually so that he can remember what kind of problems they have and find the right way to help them. There’s no doubt that teachers have immense influence on their students. That’s why it it’s their responsibility to find the best approach of teaching and make classes more amusing and interesting.

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