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A Girl’s Story Essay

The story “A Girl’s Story” by David Arnason is written in a modern perspective. It allows the author to write about stereotypes and the difficulty of relationships and everyday life. The setting he chooses is like any other love story; by a river on a sunny day. He chooses a female to take the lead role, which is where the criticizing and stereo typing comes into action. He describes the female lead as “fairly tall, about five-foot eight and quarter in your stocking feet” with “long blond hair, because long blond hair is sexy and virtuous”, exactly what any guy would be in love with. Just like the perfect Cinderella.

Throughout the story, the author uses metaphor, irony and symbolism. The sarcastic irony comes from when he mentions that some women would be offended by his story, which many would be. The whole story is about mocking and being sexist to the female race. The author continuously mentions insecurities and flaws that some women have, which can be seen as offensive and inappropriate to some women.

The author treats the story like a joke, but there are probably very few women who enjoyed reading his work at all. He speaks jokingly throughout most of it, mentioning at the beginning how he had been drinking and now just wants to avoid his wife, which is the reason he writes a story. He procrastinates at first, not exactly sure what he will be writing about. He then becomes quite self-righteous and conceded, thinking he is the best writer and can make any girl beautiful. Again, the sexism and offensive is especially sensed when he says this, because he thinks he can fulfill every girl’s dream of being beautiful.

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