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A Fairy Tale Christmas Essay

Once upon a time there was a very handsome boy. He was going on vacation with his family. The boy was called Sebastian. He was going to celebrate Christmas in Austria with his mom and dad, his grandmother, and his older brother and his older brothers wife and two kids.

They were all very exited about it. They had been renting a big cabin 800m up, on a mountain. It was a skiing vacation, so the villa was in the middle of a big slope. The whole family was having a good time. They celebrated Christmas and ate some delicious food.

But on the third day, something terrible happened. Sebastian and his big brother was skiing in an area were they hadn’t been skiing before. It was very exiting. The two guys knew about the famous and very dangerous tree-monster. Sebastian had heard some stories about the tree-monster. It was supposed to live in the area where they were skiing. But Sebastian didn’t care. He was very good at skiing and he was skiing very fast sometimes. He was fearless. Sebastian loved to ski off-piste.

But Sebastian forgot that there is a lot of trees off-piste. And suddenly, when he was skiing very fast, something grabbed his leg. It was the dangerous tree-monster who had caught him. It tore his ski and helmet off. Luckily his big brother had heard him scream. So he was now running toward the tree-monster with a big axe. He chopped up the big tree-monster into many pieces. Sebastian was saved.

The two guys skied back to the cabin where the family was waiting. They were very surprised to see that Sebastian had lost his helmet and skies. But when they heard was had happened. And they were very relieved that the two guys did not hurt themselves. So the family celebrated in seven days and seven nights. And they lived happy ever after…

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