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A Doll House Essay

Reflective Statement In Ibsen’s A Doll House, the setting is a critical part of understanding the issues presented in the piece. If it had not been set in 19th century Norway, many of the references would not have been possible. The setting of each of the acts the house changes, showing an allusion of a perfect doll house in the first act that is slowly diminishing threw out the last two. As a external way of showing the cultural and emotional conflicts with in the house. Plus, the significance of the cultural statement, about the unfairness of women’s roles, would have been lost. From this, we can conclude that it was relatively easy to understand Ibsen’s view on the social and cultural issues regarding women- a blatant inequality between the genders, both at home and in society. Regarding Mrs.Linde who comes into the play as a woman who has seen the outside world and worked for her living, Ibsen at the end shows her beginning a relationship with Krogstad to show even when a woman trails away from the protection of a man they always come back to their original place.

It is difficult to understand the solution to these cultural issues, unless all women are supposed to walk out of their lives. If that were the case that would create more and if not equal cultural struggles and issues. This is similar to today, in that we are still trying to work on the inequality in society through efforts like affirmative action, with questionable success. That is why Ibsen’s use of techniques like setting and characterization are so important; these techniques are what Ibsen uses to convey his message to the audience. To show the struggle of each individual relationship in this work whether it be between Nora and Torvald Helmer, Mrs.Linde and Krogstad, or Dr. Rank and his undying love for Nora.

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