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A Comparison between Knowledge and Information Essay

The definition for knowledge and information are normally high related. It is true that both of them complement each other but it is also important to know that they are mutually exclusive concepts. There are some important differences between knowledge and information that make of them two independent concepts. What are those characteristics? Which comes first and leads to the other? How can we use them together to get their maximum benefit? Well, I have settled on the following essay a definition for both knowledge and information, the way the complement each other and which one is more meaningful in a job.

In my opinion knowledge is made by beliefs, perspectives, judgments, experiences, visions, truths and concepts (information). I believe also that knowledge is very situational- independent. In the other hand information is made by facts, data, descriptions, numbers, words, music, images, sounds and so on.

Knowledge refers to the practical use of information. While information can be transported, stored or shared without many difficulties the same can not be said about knowledge. Knowledge necessarily involves a personal experience. Referring back to the scientific experiment, a third person reading the results will have information about it, while the person who conducted the experiment personally will have knowledge about it.

It is very important to have this difference clear, specially in our Internet-based society. Today information is freely available to anyone anywhere in the world. An eighteen year old boy from the Sri Lanka could easily search on the web and find all the information ever produced about an Adenoidectomy. But I am not sure whether I would like to have this same boy performing that surgery on myself… what about you?

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