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A Chance to Change Something in My Country Essay

If I have a chance to change something in my country – India, then I would suggest increasing green areas in the country by planting more trees. Planting more trees helps the country in many ways. They not only give clean and fresh air to the country but also nice parks for the people. Trees and plants give clean and fresh air. Most of the cities in India are highly polluted. Pollution causes many diseases to the people. I have seen many of my friends suffering from allergies and breathing problems due to high pollution.

So it is high time for us to take necessary steps to protect people from pollution. Planting more trees and plants in these cities helps people to get clean air and pollution less environment to live. People destruct forests to materialize the various forest resources like wood from the trees, medicinal plants, animals etc. Due to forest destruction, most of the animal breeds lost their place to live. This in turn has resulted in loss of many animal breeds. Increase in green areas will definitely help the animals for a place to live.

Planting more trees also give nice parks for the people. Parks will be a good place for the people to pass their free time, to relax in a natural environment, to get along with the friends, to play and enjoy the nature. They can also be made as tourist destination. Many places in India are suffering due to insufficient rain and water. Growing more trees especially in these areas will help in more rain and weather control. For the above said main reasons, I would suggest to increase the green areas in my country.

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