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A case study on lupin limited Essay

Lupin Limited is a transnational pharmaceutical company based in Mumbai. It is the 2nd largest Indian pharma company by market capitalization;the 14th largest generic pharmaceutical company globally and; the 5th largest generic pharmaceutical company in the US by prescription-led market share. It has the distinction of being the fastest growing generic pharmaceutical player in the two largest pharmaceutical markets of the world – the US and Japan; and is the 5th largest and the fastest growing generic pharmaceutical company History and Evolution

Lupin was founded in 1968 by Dr. Desh Bandhu Gupta, then an Associate Professor at BITS-Pilani, Rajasthan. Lupin first gained recognition when it became one of the world’s largest manufacturers of tuberculosis drugs. The company today has a significant market share in key markets in the Cardiovascular (prils and statins), Diabetology, Asthma, Pediatrics, CNS, GI, Anti-Infectives and NSAIDs therapy segments. It also has a global leadership position in the Anti-TB and Cephalosporin segments. The company’s R&D endeavours have resulted in significant progress in its NCE program.

Lupin’s foray into Advanced Drug Delivery Systems has resulted in the development of platform technologies that are being used to develop value-added generic pharmaceuticals. Its manufacturing facilities, spread across India and Japan, have played a critical role in enabling the company realizes its global aspirations. Benchmarked to International standards, these facilities are approved by international regulatory agencies including the US FDA, UK MHRA, Japan’s MHLW, TGA Australia, WHO, and the MCC South Africa.

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