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Intention Letter Exchange Program Essay

With this letter my intention is to express the reasons for why an academic exchange is of interest to me, especially one for the ISC Paris. I am a Business Administration student at “Universidad La Salle”, I find my career very interesting and I really enjoy being a part of it, that’s why it developed great interest in me to know that the ISC was a school specialized in Administration committed to train students to become first class business people.

In Mexico, we do not have a reputable University or Institute focused in Administrative Sciences, which is why from that moment, I knew that the ISC was the educational option that I was looking for. I researched more about the Institute and I realized that it is part of the prestigious French system “Grandes Ecoles” which immediately makes it an excellent choice in education and an institution that will be very important to my profession, boosting my career as well.

I think France is a beautiful country that has too much to offer: from culture, food, landscapes, people, modernity, to its geographic location and boundaries with other major countries. Speaking of its capital, I believe Paris is one of the most exciting and dynamic cities in the world and it would be an honor to be a part of its student population, I think it will have a very good influence in me, studying in the city where most major French multinational corporations are located, where professional forums, conferences and fairs also take place, not mentioning it is full of culture and history to acknowledge and admire.

I consider that this exchange is an ideal opportunity to relate and learn influenced by a vast diversity of cultures that will form a new international perspective in me. It will be a different experience in which I will be interacting in foreign languages such as English and French, something that will be invaluable in my future life. I’m sure ISC Paris is the right place for me, and it would be an honor to me to contribute with my knowledge and skills being part of the student community.

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