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A Nation Should Require All Its Students to Study the Same Curriculum Till They Enter College Essay

For any nation, the youth shapes the most vital part of their future. They would be full of hope , enthusiasm, with a zeal to strive ahead at every thing they aim to acheive. The moulding of such minds requires a proper, balanced and diversified course of education. The curriculum moulds the youth’s minds to think in that direction. With such a sensitive issue , one should be allowed to think freely, as to what one wishes to study.

Indeed a nation would like its students to have coherent , national values to an extent, but I firmly believe that, to prosper, as a whole, a student must be entrusted with the decision to choose . To choose an option that will help him or her achieve their dream. In fact, a curriculum should be diversified and tailormade as per a student’s needs, not the same to be forced upon. A national curriculum, I believe , would strive to make a coherent, streamlined thinking process , for the entire student community in general.

It would not encourage students to think more, to delve into their own areas of interests. This is not just in the interest or benefit of the student , it aims at a more developed nation, where all spheres of life, are truly balanced. This indeed makes a nation more diverse and strong. Instead of forcing a student to follow a particular set of norms and curriculum for the most essential part of his or her life, the youth, which shapes their future, I firmly would encourage a more adaptive curriculum, keeping all interests of the youth in mind.

Not everyone would prefer fashion over engineering. Not everyone would prefer music over agriculture. A diverse curriculum promotes an all rounded nation. Once you give a student the freedom to choose , they will explore more options and in that process they will learn through experiences and engagement. It nourishes and encourages creativity, entrusts a youth with the capability of making his or her own well informed decisions. It will be a surety of a youth graduating as a complete, wholesome and well-rounded individual, not just a student.

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