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Describe the actions to take if a child or young person alleges harm or abuse in line with policies and procedures of own setting Essay

If a child or young person alleges harm or abuse in our setting we would follow the following guidance, policies and procedures: Listen to the child and take whatever he/she is saying seriously as the child will only disclose such information to somebody they feel they can trust. Offer support without judging or criticizing anything they are saying, try not to display shock or disbelief. Try to clarify information without over questioning or asking direct questions, writing down word for word what the child discloses, asking the child to draw or write (if appropriate) in a quiet, comfortable environment. Do not criticize the perpetrator as the child may still love this person. Be honest about your responsibilities and try to explain what happens next.

Explain your responsibilities about confidentiality, and do not promise confidentiality. Wherever possible, consult with your manager or nominated safeguarding person. Make sure that there are no delays in protecting the child. Within the principle of keeping the child safe, do not do anything that may aggravate the situation or cause further harm or distress to the child. Record relevant information including dates and times in out incident record book along with drawings of the child’s injuries that we have witnessed (if relevant). My line manager who is also the safeguarding officer would then report immediately to social services who would then hopefully take the matter further, whether that is contacting the police, health visitor or/and the child’s family.

We would give evidence if needed, attend any core meeting and follow up to make sure the child was getting the safety that he/she deserves even if this means continuing to pursue our concerns via the health visitor, social services etc.

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