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4 steps to writing about a poem Essay

1.About the poet, his concerns
2.The story of the poem
3.Theme: idealises bush life
4.Techiques (how)

Paterson constrasts this beauty of the bush with the harsh, dirty life in the city and the effect this has on people.

•List a series of visual images, using adjectives and adverbs with negative connotations: ‘my dingy little office’ and a ‘stingy/Ray of sunlight struggle feebly down’

•Also uses sound images to create an unpleasant mood and ‘the ceaseless tramp of feet.’ Description of people in the city suggests they are greedy and uncaring of others. Conveyed by negative adjectives and internal rhyme: ‘with their eager eyes and greedy, and their stunted forms and weedy.’

•The poem concludes with the persona wishing he could exchange his city life in an ‘office’ for ‘a turn at droving’ but he relises Clancy would not ‘suit’ his city life. 4 steps to writing about a poem

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