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2008 Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Peaceful. Singles

Daughter : mom,i had sex today Mom: what ? with who ? Daughter: With our neighbours son Mom: ……. Like this page to read full story here @[161502584037771:] Girl: Hey baby. Boy: Hey honey, what’s up? Girl: I’m pregnant. Boy: That’s great, so what we gonna name her? Girl: Its not yours…. Boy: What? So while we were together you were cheating and sleeping with other men! Girl: Not men but….Go Like–>@[161502584037771:].< Cute = Sexy = ๐Ÿ˜‰ Gorgeous = :* Broke My scale = >.< ๐Ÿ˜‰ :* only doing those who like-> @[161502584037771:] [Lms] based on your looks Daughter: Hey mum i’m going to my room with my boyfriend. Mum: Okay don’t do anything stupid. *.Gf & Bf go into…

Speech on Shark Finning

Shark Finning, the illegal fishing which involves the cutting of the sharks fins, and then the carcass is thrown back into the water. This is wrong, just think for a minute, and put yourselves into the โ€˜shoesโ€™ of those sharks. Its like getting your arms and legs chopped off and being told โ€˜swimโ€™. Shark finning should be banned. Sharks are finned all over the world and get employees from small towns that poor and want money to support their families. This is were the problem lies, we must help these little small and remote towns, so that they do not have to take part in this horrible act. Countries in Asia, with so much people can not help every single…