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Asimo by Honda Essay

Asimo by Honda is capable of being a giant help in japans catastrophic Radiation problem which is consuming lives as we speak. Honda has created robotic arms based off the asimo robot to assist the workers in the cleanup. asimo is a fully rotational fully capable intelligent creation using the most advanced technology known to man. The best part about asimo is its amazing artificial intelligence and its ability to sync for better human interaction.

Japan currently and has been dealing with a disastrous clean up after a tsunami ripped through japan and shocked the world. Asimo by Honda will ultimately help to finish the repairs so badly needed at the Fukushima power plant. The asimo robot has the ability to close valves and get into small places, in some cases better than humans. The asimo robot will be utilized in situations too dangerous to risk human life in the near future.

I look forward to asimo being useful to japan as an asset and a life saver in these times of need. The most important thing in technological advancement is safety. Honda couldn’t have showed up sooner with their final product of the the automus robot asimo. Hopefully after the final tests japan will use asimo to aid in the repair and cleanup at Fukushima. Just think if asimo is capable enough to work around one of the most dangerous elements known to man, then what can it do for you.

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