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Promote communication in Health and Social care Essay

There are a number of services that can help support individuals such as, interpreters they can be used when there are language barriers, signers, translators and advocates. I know in my place of work we have an advocate come in regularly to see if any of our patents want to chat, patients may find it easier talking with a person they are not around 24 hours a day and may feel they can open up more to someone that is there to represent them. For people who have trouble speaking because they have a speech impediment or they are death then they can find access to speech therapist, brail or the correct specialist equipment and signers to help them communicate effectively. Support can also be found through the internet by using a search engine.

These days you are able to find almost anything you need by typing what you are looking for into the search engine but be careful as not all information is correct or legit. Individuals can also access extra information from local libraries there are many good books offering lots of different forms of support and advice and for people who feel uncomfortable speaking with others this could be a good source. There’s also many support groups run in communities all over the world for all kinds of causes you can find these perhaps through the internet, adverts and posters. Sometimes that extra support can come from key people in an individual’s life a close friend, family member, career or any person they have a supportive relationship with.

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