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Why did Stalin emerge as the leader of the USSR in 1929? Essay

There are many reasons why Stalin emerged as the leader of Russia, some of these are due to his intelligent mind and determination for power, others because of his criminal mind-set and willingness to overcome his rivals. The most important reason why Stalin emerged as leader of the USSR is because he manipulated his party members and his own place within the party, he did this by recruiting his friends and supporters into the party after the Lenin Enrolment, as well as this Stalin removes any competition within the party that may contribute to a threat, this shows how Stalin abuses his own position in the party to manipulate everyone into getting what he wants. Having his supporters within the party, Stalin could not be voted out or overpowered within the party.

One of the important reasons why Stalin emerged as leader of the USSR is because of his individual factors, because of Stalin’s previous convictions of bank robbery and treachery he was not trusted straight away, but because he is devious and knowledgeable person he stayed back in the party until the right moment struck, when Lenin had the stroke, Stalin saw his opportunity to get into the hierarchy of the party, this shows that Stalin’s devious mind played a large part of why Stalin emerged as the leader. Stalin’s personality served him well to becoming the leader of the USSR, this is shown when he sent a telegraph to Trotsky explaining when the funeral of Lenin was, unknown to Trotsky, Stalin had actually gave him the wrong date and made a big funeral, this was seen as Trotsky being dishonourable, making him less likely to succeed Lenin, this improved Stalin’s chances of succeeding as Trotsky was him main competition. The true nature of Stalin’s personal traits is shown when he keeps Lenin’s testament secret, knowing what Lenin thinks of him Stalin seems motivated to win leadership, by being devious Stalin stopped the corruption of Lenin’s testament getting publicised therefore making him in line for leadership.

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