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The Greenhouse Effect Essay


The “Greenhouse Effect” is a term that refers to a physical property of the Earth’s atmosphere. If the Earth had no atmosphere, its average surface temperature would be very low of about 18℃ rather than the comfortable 15℃ found today. The difference in temperature is due to a suite of gases called greenhouse gases which affect the overall energy balance of the Earth’s system by absorbing infrared radiation. In its existing state, the Earth atmosphere system balances absorption of solar radiation by emission of infrared radiation to space (Climatological Information Service).

The greenhouse effect of the atmosphere has never been doubted. Most of the sun’s radiation is visible light, which passes through the atmosphere largely undeterred. When the radiation strikes the earth, it warms the surface, which then radiates the heat as infrared radiation. However, atmospheric CO2, water vapor, and some other gases absorb the infrared radiation rather than allow it to pass undeterred through the atmosphere to space (Titus, J. G., et. al.).

A balance of naturally occurring gases dispersed in the atmosphere determines the Earth’s climate by trapping solar heat. This phenomenon is known as the greenhouse effect. As sunlight passes through our atmosphere, the incoming solar radiation is eradiated from the Earth’s surface as heat energy. Greenhouse gases trap some of this reradiated energy, which warms the Earth (The greenhouse effect, etc.).


The aim of this seminar series is to help develop an emerging field at the intersection of multi-disciplinary understandings of greenhouse effect. It will also help educated participants to develop environmental awareness and integrate in applying theories and management skills for future generation.

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