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Task C- Career Pathway Essay

Complete level 2 certificate children and young people’s workforce To complete the level 2 certificate I need to take a maths, English and ICT test. I also need to be working in an appropriate environment. To help me achieve this qualification I will need the support of my tutor. I can also utilise my work colleagues particularly those who are more experienced and qualified. I can use the internet for researching and also textbooks e.g. Heinemann level 2 certificate children and young people’s workforce book. I will also have to gain a first aid certificate to complete this qualification.

Complete level 3 certificate children and young people’s workforce To complete my level 3 certificate I will have had to pass the level 2 qualification. To complete this I will need to use the internet and books for my research. I will again have the support of a tutor to guide me through and would be able to ask work colleagues for help. This may then provide me the opportunity for a promotion at work because as a level 3 I could be a room leader.

Foundation degree in early years

To be able to study for a foundation degree in early years with The Open University you need to work in a registered early years setting and you must be over the age of 18. You need the agreement and support of your employer before registering. You must also be able to work with groups of 3 or more children on a regular basis. This degree helps build knowledge on children’s development and learning. It also teaches practical skills like planning, assessment and teamwork. To complete this degree I would use the internet for research. I could also use books e.g. Early Years levels 4 & 5 and the foundation degree by Francisca Veale.

Progress to a management position in a business

To progress to a management position I would need my level 2 and 3 certificates in children and young people’s workforce. It would also be beneficial to have a foundation degree in early years to show that I have a good understanding and knowledge of the early years. I would also need experience in a workplace and to show good teamwork and communication skills.

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