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Strengths of the Event Essay

The group found the event informative. In the feedback forms, they showed that the groups did enjoy some activities more than others but they said that they will that for a Another strength of the event was that all members of the group turned up on time with enough time for us to set up and plan for the event.

The meeting one hour before the event meant that the group was able to organise and iron out any flaws in the planning of the event. So we were able to look at any equipment problems and set up of any resources and tables etc, beforehand and make sure we were prepared for the learners to arrive.

Everyone was assigned specific tasks and kept up to date with each other’s roles in the class. This meant that everyone was aware of what everyone else was doing, so just in case on the day, or during the planning of the event someone was absent, we could fill their shoes relatively easily by stepping in for them.

Everyone wore uniform. Looked professional and the learners were able to see this as something that made our group stand out from the learners. I think this helped them see a level of professionalism and made them want to listen to us as a group and take us seriously.

The event was planned but the timings hadn’t been specified in a way that would work well for all the groups. For example, we started off the event with the plan to move groups on every 10 minutes onto the next activity, however the needed more time than just the hour we had to be able to move through and do an activity in every group and then we also needed time to go through prizes and certificates at the end.

Another weakness of the event was that the classrooms were quite far apart. This meant that groups were having to spend time walking around the building.

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